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yo yo yo

Hm...There's nothing to talk about...Thanksgiving is coming up and right after is MUSKOKA! Yay, I'm so excited...Hehe, I have no idea why id din't want to go before, maybe because, well i guess it was because i didn't know what was waiting for me there. But, now i know, oh yes. I know all about it now. :D Well, I still have a box of chocolates to sell, my mom sold some chocolates to people, but none of them paid full price. Oh well, my mum said how she would pay the extra money, and so, well, that'll work i supposed...i'm so bored, Evens Steven just ended. Grrr....I'm so angry at Cruz, he's such a jackass, I bet it wasn't him but I'm mad at whoever it was then. I don't even think it's his e-mail. Oh well...Halloween will be fun, there's a lot of good movies this moneth. Yay. But, what sucks is, The firts ginger snaps isn't on 22, therefore, i can't record it, therefore, I'm mad. Oh well, hm, my dad says he wants to show me something, oh boy!...Aw, he just wanted to show me the size of the burgers, i thought it was something good or at least worthwhile. Oh well, at least i got my dinner. Yup. So, I'm gonna go now, gonna try to draw something. Bye
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